India Young Professionals Scheme Visa 2024 Ballot Open to Apply, Last Date

India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Ballot System, How to Apply, Eligibility & Last Date –  Exciting opportunities await young Indian professionals with the Bharat YPS program, offering a transformative experience. Individuals aged 18 to 30 have the chance to reside and work in the UK through the India Young Professionals Scheme Visa for up to two years. Recently, over 600 students and alumni engaged in the pre-launch program of the Young Professional Scheme (YPS) hosted at Chitkara University on Tuesday, paving the way for future endeavors. In today’s article, we are going to provide you with all the information related to the India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Scheme. [Also Read – UK India Young Professionals Scheme: Apply Online, VISA Ballot System]

India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Scheme 2024

The India Young Professionals Scheme Visa, a pivotal initiative aimed at enhancing ties between India and the UK, has sparked significant interest among diverse stakeholders, ranging from diplomatic representatives to educational institutions and beyond. To embark on this visa journey, individuals must secure selection through the India Young Professional Scheme ballot, a crucial step in the process. In order to participate in the ballot, prospective applicants are required to demonstrate their visa eligibility and verify their qualifications prior to casting their votes.[Read More]

India Young Professionals Scheme Visa

Overview of India Young Professionals Scheme Visa

Scheme NameIndia Young Professionals Scheme Visa
Started ByBy central government
BeneficiaryYoung Indian Citizen
Apply ProcedureOnline
ObjectiveProviding permission to live and work in the UK under this scheme for people between the ages of 18 and 30
BenefitsUnder this scheme, people between the age of 18 to 30 will be given permission to live and work in the UK.
CategoryCentral Government Schemes
Official Website

Features of India Young Professionals Scheme Visa 2024

  • Prior to commencing the visa application process, it’s imperative to submit an application for the India Young Professionals Scheme and await acceptance through the ballot system.
  • Individuals who have previously entered the UK utilizing a Youth Mobility Scheme visa or through a comparable program are not eligible to apply for the India Young Professionals Scheme.

Documents Required for India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Scheme 

  • Ensure you have a current passport or an equivalent document that serves as proof of your identity and nationality for the application process.
  • Provide substantial evidence, such as bank statements, confirming that you maintain a balance of at least £2,530 in your bank account to meet the financial requirements.
  • Include documentation validating your qualifications along with your visa application to support your eligibility.
  • Whether you reside in India or another country listed, it is mandatory to provide the results of your tuberculosis (TB) test as part of the visa application.
  • Acquire an Indian Police Report or Clearance Certificate to complement your visa application and verify your background.
  • Make sure there is at least one blank page available in your passport to accommodate the visa issuance process.

Proof of Your Creditworthiness

  • You need to show proof of having a bachelor’s degree or higher (Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6, 7, or 8).
  • Obtain official documentation from your college or university confirming the completion of your undergraduate program with the necessary qualifications.

Additional Paperwork You May Require

  • If your documents are not in Welsh or English, you must submit a certified translation along with them.
  • Depending on your circumstances, additional documentation may be necessary. You’ll receive notification from the Home Office if further evidence is needed.

Documents Required to Register Ballot

  • Date of birth
  • Passport details
  • Phone number
  • Scan of your passport photo
  • Mail address etc.

Eligibility for India Young Professionals Scheme Visa 2024

  • Candidates must be citizens or nationals of India, aged between 18 to 30 years old.
  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old on the day they plan to travel to the UK.
  • Applicants need to hold a bachelor’s degree level qualification or higher (Regulated Qualifications Framework level 6, 7, or 8).
  • Candidates must also possess savings of £2,530 to support themselves during their stay in the UK.
  • Additionally, the candidate should not have financial responsibility for or live with any child below the age of eighteen years.

Qualifications Needed

  • An educational qualification similar to a bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom (levels 6, 7, or 8 of the regulated qualifications framework).
  • A foreign qualification that is equivalent to or higher than a degree level.
  • If you’re uncertain about the equivalence of your qualification, seek clarification from your alma mater or university.

Money for Personal Sustenance

To show that you can manage your expenses while in the UK, you need to have a minimum of £2,530 in your bank account.

  • The funds must be consistently available to you in your account for a minimum of 28 consecutive days, and it’s essential that the 28th day falls within 31 days of your visa application submission.
  • When you apply for the visa, you’ll be required to furnish evidence demonstrating the availability of funds during this specified period.

When to Submit Application

If you’re chosen as the winner of the ballot, you need to apply for your visa by the deadline mentioned in your invitation. Typically, you’ll get the invitation around 30 days later. After submitting your visa application, you must plan to leave for the UK within six months.

Fees to be Paid

  • Demonstrate proof of having a minimum of £2,530 in personal savings to support your stay.
  • Complete the payment of the application fee, which totals £298.
  • Fulfill the requirement of paying a healthcare surcharge amounting to £1,552.
  • Please be aware that if your application is rejected, you will not be refunded. Thus, it’s essential to confirm your eligibility before proceeding with the application process.

How to Apply for India Young Professionals Scheme Visa 2024

All those citizens who want to apply under India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Scheme can apply under this scheme by following the following procedure: –

  • If you qualify, put your name on the India Young Professionals Scheme ballot, if you win the ballot you will receive an invitation to apply for a visa.
  • Prepare all the paperwork required to apply Finally, apply for the India Young Professional Scheme Visa within 30 days.
  • Start preparing your documents and arrange your finances, then pay the fees on the portal.
  • After this, the decision will be given in 3 weeks, by following this process you can easily apply under this scheme.

Successful Entries 

If your application is approved, you’ll get an invitation to apply for a visa. Within 90 days of receiving the email, you must apply online, give your biometrics, pay the visa fee (which includes the Immigration Health Premium), and submit your application. If you win the ballot but choose not to apply for a visa, there’s no need to inform us.

Incomplete Entries

The outcomes are conclusive and cannot be challenged. If your bid is unsuccessful, there is no avenue for appeal. Nevertheless, if you don’t win initially, you have the option to cast additional ballots.

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