Bharat Atta 2024 Yojana Registration: Online Booking, Where to Buy Online

Bharat Atta Scheme 2024 Registration, Check How & Where To Buy Bharat Atta Online Booking – Union Minister Piyush Goyal has made a big move to help people deal with expensive food and get important goods by starting 100 mobile vans. These vans will provide ‘Bharat Atta‘, which is healthy wheat flour that everyone can afford. People can buy Atta for Rs 27.5 per kilogram from different stores, including the mobile vans run by NAFED, NCCF, Kendriya Bhandar, and other cooperative shops. With the support of 2.5 lakh tonnes of wheat, the Bharat Atta Scheme aims to make sure everyone can buy food without spending too much money. [Also Read – BharatNet Scheme Application Form, Benefits & Tariff Plans]

Bharat Atta Scheme

To help people afford wheat flour and control rising prices, the government has set aside 2.5 lakh tonnes of wheat for making and selling Atta. Bharat Atta aims to make sure wheat flour costs less, so everyone can buy it easily. The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has been working hard to keep the prices of important goods stable. Recently, they sold 2.87 lakh tonnes of wheat from their extra supply to big buyers through online auctions. Since June, FCI has been using the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) to sell wheat and rice from the central storage to big buyers like flour mills and small traders through weekly online auctions. [Read More]

Bharat Atta

Overview of Bharat Atta Yojana

Scheme NameBharat Atta Scheme
Started ByBy Central Government
BeneficiaryCitizens of the country
Apply ProcedureOnline
ObjectiveProviding consumers with an affordable option for their wheat flour needs
BenefitsConsumers will be provided with an affordable option for their wheat flour needs
CategoryCentral Government Schemes
Official Website——–

Objectives of Bharat Atta Scheme

The main goal of Bharat Atta is to make food cheaper by giving people a good choice for buying wheat flour at a low cost. Right now, the government is busy with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, also called the DOLE program. Bharat Atta Yojana helps farmers who are struggling, even when they’re not farming, by giving them support through the Public Distribution System (PDS). [Also Read – PM Surya Ghar Free Electricity Scheme: Online Application, Eligibility and Required Documents]

Allocation of Wheat for Cheap Flour

The Bharat Atta Scheme was launched by the Central Government to help people cope with high inflation rates. Through this scheme, government agencies offer flour to regular people at lower prices. The Union Food Secretary mentioned that as part of the plan, the Food Corporation of India will give 3 lakh tonnes of wheat to three government bodies to produce flour and make it more accessible.

Average Retail Price of Flour In the Country

India is making efforts to ensure there’s enough flour, especially when prices are still high all over the country. Even though the government is trying to help, flour prices are still going up. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs data shows that the average retail price of flour across India has now reached Rs 36.5 per kg.

Retail Inflation Has Reached This Much

The increase in retail inflation highlights the importance of efforts to make cheap flour more available. Retail inflation rates have gone up again in the past month. In December, the retail inflation rate reached 5.69 percent, the highest it’s been in the last 4 months. Officials mentioned that the main reason for this rise is the increase in food prices.

Sales Will Continue Till March

The Central Government is working hard to tackle retail inflation as quickly as they can. They’re making all possible efforts to do so. Over the past few months, the government has been selling various items, from onions to tomatoes, to help people cope with rising prices. To shield ordinary folks from the impact of inflation, affordable flour and pulses are being made available. The government aims to offer Atta at lower prices in areas where the market rate is higher than the average. This subsidized Bharat Atta will be available at least until March.

Bharat Atta Initiative and Open Market Sale Scheme

The open market sale scheme, which aims to make sure we have enough wheat and keep prices steady, will keep going until March 31, 2024. The goal during this time is to sell about 101.5 lakh tonnes of wheat. To help people who might struggle with higher food prices, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said the government will give free food grains for another five years. This decision is meant to help around 80 crore people deal with changes in prices, especially with elections coming up. [Read More]

Features of Bharat Atta Initiative

The Bharat Atta Scheme is a great move to make sure millions of Indians have enough food they can afford. It shows that the government really wants to make sure people have what they need to live. Here are some important things about this initiative: –

  • Bharat Flour will be sold at a consistent, fixed price of Rs. 27.5 per kilogram, which is significantly lower than the prevailing market prices.
  • Bharat Atta will be readily available through an extensive network of physical and mobile retail outlets spread across the entire length and breadth of the country.
  • Atta will be meticulously crafted from high-grade wheat procured directly from diligent farmers.
  • The Bharat Atta Scheme is anticipated to be highly sustainable in the long run, as it is poised to provide a stable and reliable market for wheat farmers, thereby ensuring their economic well-being.
  • The wheat flour, bearing the name ‘Bharat Atta’, is being systematically distributed through various retail channels to ensure widespread accessibility among a diverse spectrum of consumers, including Kendriya Bhandar, the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED), the National Cooperative Consumers Federation (NCCF), and similar entities.
  • In addition to wheat flour, the government is also facilitating the sale of gram pulses at the affordable rate of Rs. 20 per kilogram and rice at Rs. 60 per kilogram under the same ‘Bharat’ brand.
  • The overarching objective of this initiative is to significantly augment the availability of wheat flour at reasonable prices in the market and thereby contribute substantially to the stabilization of its price fluctuations.

Bharat Atta Scheme Eligibility

  • In order to benefit from this program, individuals must be legal residents of India.
  • Only one individual per household is eligible to purchase Bharat Atta from retail outlets authorized by the Central Government.
  • Additionally, Bharat Atta is available for purchase at NAFED stores, NCCF stores, and select Mother Dairy outlets.

How Can Flour Be Obtained under Bharat Atta Scheme

All those citizens who want to get flour under Bharat Atta initiative can get Bharat Atta by following the following procedure: –

  • NAFED runs more than 15,000 stores all over the country where you can buy Bharat flour for a fixed price of Rs 27.50 per kilogram.
  • NCCF has about 2,000 stores nationwide where you can also get Bharat Atta at the same price of Rs 27.50 per kilogram.
  • Kendriya Bhandar shops, which are government-run, offer essential goods at lower prices. They too sell Bharat Atta for Rs 27.50 per kilogram.
  • Additionally, many other cooperative stores sell Bharat Atta as well. You can check the lists of these stores on the NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandar websites.

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