Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme will be Live on Aug 7, All You Need to Know

Nethanna Bima Scheme Apply Online | Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Online Registration | Telangana Nethanna Bima Eligibility & Benefits – A new scheme is being started by the Telangana government with the aim of helping the people of the state, which will be known as Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme. This scheme is being launched to provide benefits to the handloom weavers as the Handloom Weavers Scheme keeps on changing the insurance coverage for handloom weavers. Through this scheme, the Telangana government provides up to Rs 5 lakh in equity to the beneficiaries and through this the family members of the beneficiary are also helped. Today we will tell you in this article what is Telangana Nethanna Bima, what is the goal of starting it, who is the citizen eligible in this. [Also Read- TS Sand Booking (SSMMS) Registration, Track Sand Order Status]

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme will be started on August 7, 2022 in the state of Telangana. The announcement of this program to be held in the state has been made by the Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister, as this scheme is being launched especially for the welfare of handloom weavers and on 7th August is National Handloom Day. [Also Read- Telangana CM Dalit Bandhu Scheme 2022: Apply Online, Eligibility & Benefits]

That is why this scheme will be started in the entire state on 7th August. Under this scheme, the insurance premium will be paid by the state government, under this, if any of those who were being insured dies due to any disease and accident at the time of commencement of insurance, then in such a situation the nominee will be 5 lakh will be provided to the family members. [Also Read- IFMIS Telangana: TS Treasury Pay Slip, Login at]

In many insurance plans, it takes a very long time to provide the amount to the nominee, on the contrary, under Telangana Nethanna Bima, the nominee gets Rs 5 lakh in just 10 days after the death of the beneficiary. The Handloom and Textiles Department is in charge of this program under the nodal agency and every important thing will be taken care of by them. [Also Read- e Sadhana AP & TG: NHTS Data Entry Status, Report Download]

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme

Narendra Modi Scheme

Overview of Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme

Scheme NameTelangana Nethanna Bima Scheme
Launched ByTelangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister
BeneficiariesFamily members of handloom weavers only
Application ProcedureOnline
ObjectiveTo improve the existing insurance coverage for the handloom weavers of the State
BenefitsPaying up to Rs.5 lakh within ten days of the death of the beneficiary
CategoryPaying up to Rs.5 lakh within ten days of the death of the beneficiary
Official Website——

Objectives of Telangana Nethana Bima

The main objective of Telangana Nethanna Bima is to improve the insurance coverage available to all the handloom weavers present in the state. The aim of the state government is to make the life of handloom weavers happy and comfortable. Moving forward in this direction, many welfare schemes are started by the Telangana government from time to time for the betterment of handloom weavers, so that they can live well. Apart from this, financial assistance amount has already been distributed by the government under Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme. The Telangana government provides Rs 1200 crore every year to the handloom and textile industries since 2016. [Also Read- Startup Telangana 2023: Online Registration, Login & Policy Details]

Benefits of Telangana Nethanna Bima

  • The benefit of Telangana Nethanna Bima will be provided to all the handloom weavers of 18 to 59 years of the state so that their economic condition can improve.
  • Under this scheme, an amount of up to 5 lakh will be given retrospectively to the family members of the weaver or the person enrolled under the insurance.
  • The Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme is paid by the state government to the insurance policy amount within 10 days of the beneficiary’s death.
  • Apart from this, the committees will participate in it at the state level as well as at the district level and they will also provide their contribution in it, with the help of which the operation of this scheme can be done well and this scheme can also be successful.

Eligibility of Telangana Nethanna Bima

  • The person applying under this scheme should be a native of Telangana state. If the applicant is not from Telangana state but from some other state then he cannot get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Apart from this, it is mandatory for the person applying under this scheme to have prior experience as a participant of Rythu Bima Yojana.
  • The age of the person who wants to get benefits under Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme should be between 18 to 59 only then he will be eligible under this scheme.

Required Documents

  • identity card
  • Address proof of applicant
  • Aadhar card
  • mobile number
  • E mail ID
  • Documentation formally submitted to the Department of Handloom and Textile Production.

Telangana Nethanna Insurance Scheme Registration

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme will be started by the state government on 7th August. That is why the official website for this scheme has not been launched yet, but the Telangana government has been told to launch its official website soon. All eligible citizens can apply under this scheme when its website is launched. So for this the eligible citizens of the state will have to wait for a while. As soon as the website for Telangana Nethanna Bima will be started by the state government, we will inform you through this article. [Also Read- CDSE Telangana: Application, Portal]

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