ADITI Scheme announced by Rajnath Singh to Promote Defence Innovation

Central Govt. based ADITI Scheme announced to promote innovation in Defence Technologies – Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday emphasized on development of innovative technologies with ADITI Scheme during the DefConnect 2024 event in New Delhi. The program aims to promote advancements in critical and strategic defense technologies. Start-ups participating in this initiative can avail grants of up to Rs 25 crore to boost their research, development and innovative efforts in the defense technology sector. In today’s article we are going to provide you with all the information related to ADITI Scheme 2024. [Also Read – Amrit Udyan Ticket Booking: Mughal Garden Online Booking, Entry Fee & Date]

ADITI Scheme 2024

Through the ADITI Scheme, start-ups have the opportunity to access grants of up to Rs 25 crore, which will aid their research, development, and innovation ventures in the defense technology sector. Speaking to a gathering of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and policymakers, the Minister highlighted the scheme’s potential to enhance youth innovation and propel the country forward in technology. The ADITI Scheme 2024, with an allocation of Rs 750 crore for the period 2023-24 to 2025-26, is part of the iDEX (Innovation for Defense Excellence) framework under the Department of Defense Production (DDP) of the Ministry of Defence. [Read More]

ADITI Scheme

Overview of ADITI Scheme

Scheme NameADITI Scheme
Started ByBy Government of India
BeneficiaryNew companies in the area
Apply ProcedureOnline
ObjectiveTo produce approximately thirty deep-tech critical and strategic technologies
BenefitsAbout thirty deep-tech critical and strategic technologies will be produced
CategoryCentral Government Schemes
Official Website—–

Objectives of ADITI Scheme 2024

Within the proposed time frame, ADITI Scheme aims to develop approximately thirty advanced critical and strategic technologies. Additionally, it aims to establish the Technology Watch tool, which will link the capabilities of the military innovation ecosystem with the needs and aspirations of modern armed forces. In the inaugural edition of ADITI Scheme 2024, the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Defense Space Agency collectively initiated 17 challenges: the Indian Army with 3 challenges, the Indian Navy with 5, the Indian Air Force with 5, and the Defense Space Agency with 4. [Also Read – Bharat Atta Yojana Registration: Online Booking, Where to Buy Online]

Benefits and Features of ADITI Scheme

  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh unveiled the Accelerating Development of Innovative Technologies with ADITI Scheme 2024 on Monday.
  • With funding of up to Rs 25 crore allocated for research, development, and innovation in defense technology, the program will emphasize advancements in crucial and strategic defense technologies from startups.
  • This initiative aims to foster the creativity of young minds and propel the technological advancement of the nation.
  • The vision of transforming India into a knowledge society is ingrained in programs and initiatives such as ADITI, iDEX, and iDEX Prime.
  • The ADITI Scheme also marked the inauguration of the 11th edition of the Defense India Start-up Challenge (DISC), signifying a new phase in the collaboration between the defense establishment and the startup community.

Implementation Under ADITI Scheme 2024

Rajnath Singh emphasized that achieving self-reliance hinges on acquiring cutting-edge defense technology, given the escalating use of such technology in modern warfare. He stressed that mastering technology can occur through developing our own innovations or adopting the latest advancements from other nations. The government is pursuing both strategies, utilizing foreign direct investment (FDI) to procure technology while also focusing on indigenous development. However, since countries typically do not share their latest innovations, relying solely on imports isn’t sufficient to access top-notch technologies. [Read More]

Innovation Boost

The ADITI Scheme, with a budget of Rs 750 crore allocated for the period from 2023-24 to 2025-26, is part of the iDEX (Innovation for Defense Excellence) framework under the Department of Defense Production (DDP) in the Ministry of Defence. Its goal is to advance approximately 30 critical and strategic deep-tech technologies within the specified timeframe. Additionally, the scheme aims to introduce a ‘Technology Watch Tool’ to bridge the gap between the modern armed forces’ expectations and requirements and the capabilities of the defense innovation ecosystem. [Read More]

Importance of ADITI Scheme

Singh emphasized the government’s mission to achieve self-reliance right from the start, highlighting that relying on imported platforms and weapons could jeopardize the country’s strategic independence. He pointed out that without self-reliance, India might struggle to make autonomous decisions on global issues in line with its national interests. Singh stressed the importance of manufacturing arms and equipment within India to maintain strategic autonomy, which is the primary objective. [Read More]

Negative Import List on Cards

The Defense Minister emphasized the government’s drive for ‘self-reliance’ in defense production. He proposed reducing the list of imported goods over the next 4-5 years to achieve complete self-reliance. At DefConnect 2024, technology startups showcased innovations in defense, spanning areas like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Cyber Security. The event also launched a rolling iDEX internship program and announced partnerships under the iDEX Investors Hub (IIH), committing funds from Rs 200 crore to over Rs 500 crore. [Read More]

Procedure to Register under ADITI Scheme 2024

All those citizens who want to apply under the ADITI Scheme will have to wait for some time to apply under this scheme. Because the Central Government has just announced the launch of this scheme, it has not been started yet. As soon as the government launches the official website to apply under this scheme, we will inform you through this article. Will provide information. [Also Read – India Young Professionals Scheme Visa Ballot Open to Apply, Last Date]


Who initiated the ADITI scheme?
The ADITI scheme was launched by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh during DefConnect 2024 on Monday.

What advantages does the Aditi Yojana offer?
Under the Aditi Yojana, startups can seek grant support of up to Rs 25 crore to aid their endeavors in defense technology research, development, and innovation.

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